Graduation Dress: The Beginning


The finished muslin!

After a few months of being busy with school, I’m back to blogging (and sewing)!  Woo hoo!  It’s not that I haven’t been making things, I just got busy and didn’t document anything.  Boo.  Anyway, I  have a pretty big project I’m undertaking right now that I can’t wait to share here!  After looking for a dress for my upcoming graduation and not really finding anything I liked, I decided to make my own dress.



The Pastille Dress

I’m making the Pastille Dress from the Colette Sewing Handbook.  I’ve got some incredible fabric, and I’ve finished my muslin.  I was really insistent on making a muslin and not just winging it because A) I still am pretty new to sewing and B) I got some really nice/expensive fabric that I don’t to ruin. (However, after finishing this muslin, I’ve realized that I’m not as bad a sewer as I think I am.  I’m no expert still, but I’m willing to upgrade myself from beginner to advanced beginner.)  One big change I’ve already made is that I’m doing a lining instead of just dealing with the facings.  I have trouble getting facings to lie flat and I was having issues with them with the muslin, so I cut a lining for my muslin bodice and it went much better!  Plus I have the sneaking suspicion that my fabric will be a little see through, so I think I’ll be more comfortable wearing the final dress with a lining.


My beautiful, beautiful fabric

There are some things I have to watch out for (like maybe don’t make the lining bigger than the dress).  I also added some inseam pockets, which I have to change where they’re placed.  I placed them pretty low on the skirt, and I want them a little closer to my hips.  BUT I also absolutely need to have pockets for this dress, so I gotta have those pockets.  I also really have to watch the pleating and mark those well for the final dress.  I anticipated needing to make changes to the fit, but it actually fit great as it was.  I thought about making the bodice shorter, so that the seam between the skirt and bodice would sit right at my waist, but I feel like maybe I’m being a little knitpicky.  Plus it makes me look not quite so shortwaisted where it is.  Overall I’m super psyched for this dress and can’t wait to get started on the final product.



I was hoping to have some sewing updates in addition to knitting, but I just don’t really have anything that I want to share on that front.  SO here are my knitting updates for now.

First up, progress on Beatnik!


I have now finished the back and front of my Beatnik, which I’ve only been working since, like, last summer.  But progress is progress.  I’m going to cast on the sleeves soon so that’s exciting.  While I love the cables, I’m so glad to be done with them.  What I love about knitting is getting into the rhythm of the stitches, and I always feel interrupted when I have to stop to make cables.  But the end product is so pretty and definitely worth it.


I’ve also been working on a Hazelhurst for my mom for Christmas.  And I’m cool with putting that here because she already knows about it so I’m not ruining a surprise.  Through a series of unfortunate events, I am making a second Hazelhurst because the first is gone and she really liked it so I’m making a new one.  This one is a little bit bigger so that it fits better on my circulars.  I really love this pattern.  Sure it’s a simple pattern and it can seem a little tedious, but I am all for tedious.  This is the knitting I pick up when I’m watching TV in the evening or if I just need to de-stress.  I’ve also been trying this thing that I read in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac where I’m marking where I start during a particular knitting session so I can see my progress.  So the blue circle in the photo is where I started last night.  It’s really motivating to do big amounts of knitting this way.  It helps to break down the length, and this is supposed to be 88 inches long when it’s done.

I hope I’ll have some sewing updates soon, I want to get stuff done before school starts up again and I get really busy.