Kool aid socks

AdobePhotoshopExpress_7c8877b5de834d169191b161aa392f9cLast summer I took a maker spaces class where I dyed yarn with kool aid, and I bought so much powder kool aid I felt like I was single handedly keeping them in business.  Anyway, I wrote up the instructions and everything and I’ve been sitting with this super bright yarn that I wouldn’t otherwise use.  (That’s not entirely true, a couple of the colors I had plans for, but the two brightest ones scared me.)  After graduating, I’ve got all this time on my hands and finally decided I’d make some socks with the yarn.  And I managed to make two pairs of socks in like two weeks?  I was pretty impressed with myself.

I used the Rye sock pattern from Tin Can Knits, which is a really solid basic sock pattern, but the garter knit stripe adds a good amount of interest.  And since it’s worsted weight, it knitted up really quickly. Overall I can’t wait to have these super bright and super warm socks for the impending winter.  (Between being a knitter and living in Minnesota, all I think about is winter.)  I have dubbed them the Rainbow Rye and Cotton Candy Rye.


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