Blankets blankets blankets


Gauze swaddling blankets

Another late wrap up thanks to finishing grad school and attending graduations.  I’ve made a whole bunch of blankets.  The first set are the little swaddling blankets that I made for my internship supervisors as a thank you/new baby present (she had the baby).  Got the idea from Dana Made It (which I guess is now Made Everyday with Dana?).  I’ve always thought that these blankets are SO cute, but I haven’t had the sewing skills to make them, and then when I gained those skills I didn’t have a baby to make them for.  After making them, I think these are totally doable for a beginning sewer.  This kind of  fabric is pretty forgiving, and you’re basically just hemming the edges.  I was SO nervous about the color choices.  I didn’t know the gender of the baby when I made them, and I didn’t want to go too stereotypical baby colors.  And she ended up loving the colors!  Win!



Tree of Life Blanket

The second blanket was the one I’ve been knitting for my sister since Januaryish?  I told my sister that I’d combine her birthday and graduation gifts into one big thing, and I gave her some options of patterns and yarn so she got to pick everything out.  She ended  up going with the Tree of Life Afghan from Knitting from the Center Out with Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in Alfalfa.  This blanket ended up being a little smaller than I anticipated (it was hard to tell because it was so bunched up on my circulars), but I think it’s the perfect size to have over your lap at your desk while studying.  And it’s super super soft, and washable, perfect for a college kid.  The pattern was easy to memorize, so I could just chill in the evenings and get some work done on it.  Here’s the link to my Ravelry page about it.



Graduation Dress Finished!


This is a pretty late wrap up, but I finished my dress and wore it to graduation!  And it was so super cute!  It fit really well for the most part, the only issue I had was with the very top around the shoulders felt a little big, but I think that’s me being nitpicky more than anything else.  Also it’s fully lined, which you can’t see here.  Most people freak out a little and are really impressed when I say that I’m lining something, but it really wasn’t too bad.  It took some extra effort, and it definitely would have taken less time if I hadn’t lined it, but overall I think it’s time well spent.  I feel like with this project I can officially bring myself up to an advanced beginner sewer.  Woop woop!