Slow Fashion October: Week 1


Woo hoo!  It’s Slow Fashion October!  (And I’m kind of late on the first week post.)  So to introduce myself: I’m Sierra and I’m a grad student working on my Master’s of Library and Information Science, and I also consider myself a maker.  I’ve been knitting for about six years now, crocheting for maybe 3, and sewing occasionally for 3 years.  I’ve also been mending for a long time.  I remember having to learn how to sew on a button my uniform skirt when I was younger, and learning how to whipstitch the hem back up.  I’ve done little bits of mending like that for a long time, but learning to sew on  a machine has upped my game.

As for really getting into the slow fashion movement, I would still consider myself a newbie.  I took a Maker Spaces class over the summer, and that really turned me onto the entire slow fashion movement.  I like knowing where things come from, whether it’s my food or my clothes.  And if I can feel like I can make a difference, I’d like to do what I can.  I just can’t wait to see what the community is like and learn from other people’s perspectives.  I also feel like making things that I wear has gotten me more interested in fashion as a whole.  I’ve never considered myself as being very fashionable, but it helps to develop a sense of style when you make things.  You don’t want to make something and not want to wear it because it doesn’t mesh with what you wear on a regular basis.  (I say this from personal experience because I have done this.)

As for projects this month, I have a couple of mending projects that I’ve been putting off for a while, so this would be a good time to get those done.  I’ve also been working on the Beatnik sweater, and I think I could actually get it done this month!  I have a couple of skirts that need to be finished, so that would be cool if I could get those done.  And of course I’ve got Christmas knitting to get done!  I always have a million projects I wanna get done, but with being in school and stuff, I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.


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