FO’s: Mitts Edition

So I am the queen of not getting presents done on time.  I’m sorry friends and family.  I am finally catching up on stuff, so here’s some belated mitts.



I made these for my mom for Christmas.  And if you want to know how much I hate finishing projects, I actually had these completely done and just needed to weave in loose ends and only just got around to finishing them.   They look kind of lumpy in the picture, but trust me they look like normal fingerless gloves when they’re one.  These were super fun to make, they’re quick and easy, but they have a few different kinds of stitches to keep you interested.  Plus it’s a free pattern!

Juris Mitts


These were supposed to be given to my brother for his birthday, and they are the second pair I’ve made for him.  Through a series of unfortunate events, his first pair that he actually really liked are gone, so he asked me to make a second pair for his birthday, even though his birthday is in June.  I thought I could get by with just one skein because I thought I had leftovers from the last pair I made him, but I accidentally ordered a different color.  :/  That’s what I get for not saving labels.  So hence, the stripe in order to save the main color a little bit.

I’ve been finishing up some other things, so I’ll be posting more soon.  But here are the Ravelry pages for my mom’s mitts and my brother’s if you want to see some details.


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