Worn Stories

worn storiesI think that people are most interesting and engaging when they’re talking about their passion.  That’s definitely true for Emily Spivack’s Worn Stories, made up of people talking about pieces of clothing that are significant to them.  I’ve been focusing a lot on the ethical situation going on with our clothing and the satisfaction that I personally get when making something.  But there’s an emotional component to our clothing too, which I think we all realize when we try to clean out closets or have to pack up all our clothing.  What’s really compelling about this book is that it’s not all fancy clothes from big events, they’re deeply personal and intimate and have been worn to bits.  So while there are big names featured in this book and each story is specific to the teller, we can all relate.

At the same time, I don’t know that I have a single piece of clothing that I could boil down as the most significant piece of clothing in my life.  There was the school uniform that I wore from first grade until high school graduation.  I have my dance shoes that I performed and competed in.  There’s the dress I wore to my first art show opening and my college graduation.  There’s the first pair of converse that I owned, that I wore until they had pretty big holes and the color had completely faded out.  I probably have too many clothes that I have deep emotional attachments to.

I highly recommend this beautiful book, and I recommend taking your time with it.  I usually tear through books, but this one I just read a couple of stories at a time and savored each one.


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