I was hoping to have some sewing updates in addition to knitting, but I just don’t really have anything that I want to share on that front.  SO here are my knitting updates for now.

First up, progress on Beatnik!


I have now finished the back and front of my Beatnik, which I’ve only been working since, like, last summer.  But progress is progress.  I’m going to cast on the sleeves soon so that’s exciting.  While I love the cables, I’m so glad to be done with them.  What I love about knitting is getting into the rhythm of the stitches, and I always feel interrupted when I have to stop to make cables.  But the end product is so pretty and definitely worth it.


I’ve also been working on a Hazelhurst for my mom for Christmas.  And I’m cool with putting that here because she already knows about it so I’m not ruining a surprise.  Through a series of unfortunate events, I am making a second Hazelhurst because the first is gone and she really liked it so I’m making a new one.  This one is a little bit bigger so that it fits better on my circulars.  I really love this pattern.  Sure it’s a simple pattern and it can seem a little tedious, but I am all for tedious.  This is the knitting I pick up when I’m watching TV in the evening or if I just need to de-stress.  I’ve also been trying this thing that I read in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac where I’m marking where I start during a particular knitting session so I can see my progress.  So the blue circle in the photo is where I started last night.  It’s really motivating to do big amounts of knitting this way.  It helps to break down the length, and this is supposed to be 88 inches long when it’s done.

I hope I’ll have some sewing updates soon, I want to get stuff done before school starts up again and I get really busy.


Knitter’s Almanac

knitters almanacOh Elizabeth Zimmermann.  How has it taken so long?  Well, it’s mostly because I don’t like to give in to what’s popular.  So when I first started knitting I kept seeing her name pop up, and all I knew was that her stuff was older and everyone liked her, so I would actively avoid her.  Lately I’ve been wanting to learn more about my craft (I consider my main craft knitting), so I figured it was time for me to get acquainted with Elizabeth Zimmermann, and I checked out Knitter’s Almanac.  And I’m so glad I did.  It seems like this book should be like every other pattern book, just a series of pattern with the directions.  But it’s so much more than that.  I love the way she describes her relationship with knitting, and how she talks about the development of a pattern.  I also love how she really encourages her readers to do their own experimentation and make the patterns their own.  I love how she talks about unventing techniques, realizing that there’s nothing new under the sun.  And most of all, I love her attitude.  She made me smile, and I feel like she got me.  I am obsessed with knitting and I have something on needles all the time.  And Elizabeth understands me.  She gets me.

So if you’re like me and you’ve been avoiding Elizabeth Zimmermann, stop it and get one of her books immediately because if you love knitting, you’ll probably love her too.

FO’s: Mitts Edition

So I am the queen of not getting presents done on time.  I’m sorry friends and family.  I am finally catching up on stuff, so here’s some belated mitts.



I made these for my mom for Christmas.  And if you want to know how much I hate finishing projects, I actually had these completely done and just needed to weave in loose ends and only just got around to finishing them.   They look kind of lumpy in the picture, but trust me they look like normal fingerless gloves when they’re one.  These were super fun to make, they’re quick and easy, but they have a few different kinds of stitches to keep you interested.  Plus it’s a free pattern!

Juris Mitts


These were supposed to be given to my brother for his birthday, and they are the second pair I’ve made for him.  Through a series of unfortunate events, his first pair that he actually really liked are gone, so he asked me to make a second pair for his birthday, even though his birthday is in June.  I thought I could get by with just one skein because I thought I had leftovers from the last pair I made him, but I accidentally ordered a different color.  :/  That’s what I get for not saving labels.  So hence, the stripe in order to save the main color a little bit.

I’ve been finishing up some other things, so I’ll be posting more soon.  But here are the Ravelry pages for my mom’s mitts and my brother’s if you want to see some details.

Worn Stories

worn storiesI think that people are most interesting and engaging when they’re talking about their passion.  That’s definitely true for Emily Spivack’s Worn Stories, made up of people talking about pieces of clothing that are significant to them.  I’ve been focusing a lot on the ethical situation going on with our clothing and the satisfaction that I personally get when making something.  But there’s an emotional component to our clothing too, which I think we all realize when we try to clean out closets or have to pack up all our clothing.  What’s really compelling about this book is that it’s not all fancy clothes from big events, they’re deeply personal and intimate and have been worn to bits.  So while there are big names featured in this book and each story is specific to the teller, we can all relate.

At the same time, I don’t know that I have a single piece of clothing that I could boil down as the most significant piece of clothing in my life.  There was the school uniform that I wore from first grade until high school graduation.  I have my dance shoes that I performed and competed in.  There’s the dress I wore to my first art show opening and my college graduation.  There’s the first pair of converse that I owned, that I wore until they had pretty big holes and the color had completely faded out.  I probably have too many clothes that I have deep emotional attachments to.

I highly recommend this beautiful book, and I recommend taking your time with it.  I usually tear through books, but this one I just read a couple of stories at a time and savored each one.