Kool Aid Dyeing


For my first official post, I present to you my final project from my Maker Spaces class.  I had originally been set on weaving, but had some difficulties so I ended up switching to dyeing yarn with Kool Aid.  I wrote an Instructables for the project, and pretty soon after it was published it got featured on the Living page!  Which was really exciting!  I had so much fun with this project and I hope to do some more dyeing.  I’ve been thinking natural dyeing and possibly indigo dyeing on fabric.  Plus one of the yarns I’m already using!  The first one (the one pictured here) I’m using for the Stovetop hat by Tin Can Knits.


I can’t wait to wear my bright pink hat all winter up here.  And if you try out dyeing yourself, just click on my link and check out the instructable!  I think this would be really fun to do with kids especially, since you have the fun scents and colors happening.



Welcome to my blog! I’m Sierra and I’m a library student and maker.  I was inspired to make this blog after keeping one for a class on Maker Spaces that I took this summer.  I really enjoyed documenting my making, but also sharing what I’m reading and learning about making.  Since I knit, sew, and crochet, I’m becoming very interested in the apparel/fashion industry and how our making relates to this industry.  While I hope to share articles and give reviews of books that I’m reading that relate to this topic, my main goal with this blog is to document what I’m making and share what I’m learning.  I’m excited to see where this journey goes!